Elissa Salas

Who is Elissa Salas?

Elissa Salas is a leader. I’ve lead myself my whole life. I know what I want.. what I don’t want & I can be very passionate about both. I’m self taught in a lot of mediums that I’m pursuing for fun and as a career & working at it everyday is my lifestyle. Something I’ve came to terms with is that the more serious I get about my work the less creative I become, so keeping a child like spirit and love within me really brings out the best in my art. It’s a balance. - I started as a dancer, then I got into photography which I still do now, everything that photography taught me is now helping me in my journey of design. I founded The Example a brand that provides everyday essentials to multi faceted people like myself.

Tell me something about yourself people don't know but should?

Something people should know about me is that it’s hard to get in contact with me lol. It’s not something I want people to take personally though. I went through this time period where I made myself accessible to everyone at all times. I’m a person people can demand a lot from naturally because I am a resource. But I had to assert myself & be more conscious about my time. If you let yourself be driven by people and their needs they’ll take advantage of you. & I don’t mean this in a bad way like oh people are selfish. It’s just facts, harness your energy.

What's something you're currently looking forward to?

Im currently looking forward to releasing all the new pieces for The Example. I took a step back from releasing anything bcus in this day in age everything is so saturated. You have to ask yourself what separates you from the rest and why you are doing it. I don’t call myself a fashion designer. I’m an artist that makes clothes and I look forward to sharing these new art pieces with everyone who believes in this & in me.

What makes you happy?

When people meet my expectations, family, and fairness. Amongst all the moral things that make me happy are the little moments like traveling, being in the sun around water, wearing something new or laying down with my partner pillow talking after a long day is something that makes me feel very happy and at peace.

What does your morning routine look like?

The truth about my morning routine is that there is no routine. It all depends on what I did the night before. It usually goes like this though: I hit the snooze button on my phone like 4 times before I wake up. I thank God, text my family group chat and wish my siblings a good day. If I worked on something the night before I’d probably look at it again with a fresh pair of eyes & make any adjustments while making a ham and cheese sandwich & getting ready for the day to face the world!

Do you have any hidden talents?

My hidden talent is that I can sing. I make music but I don’t put any of it out because I feel like the process of how I make music is so vulnerable & personal. One day though I’ll get over it & put something out.

What are some of your long term goals?

Long term goal is to wake up somewhere that’s warm all year round in the house I designed. I really enjoy architecture, at some point in my life I hope to collaborate with a professional to make my buildings come to life. I have designs that will redefine education, schools that I will open in the future. My school experience was bogus and that’s the first step that indoctrinates us. I want to change how we are prepared to live our lives. One day I’ll have a gallery and a store but my impact will be in creating an alternative practice for education

Elizabeth Beecroft

Who is Elizabeth Beecroft?

I feel like each day I'm learning more about who I am and my purpose in life. I'd say that I'm a determined, empathetic, and caring person. I love helping other people and learning about other people that I meet. I'm also a creative, an athlete, a daughter, a girlfriend, and a cat mom. I have anxiety and am often battling my own thoughts at times so I tend to be an overthinker. I'm also an extremely detail oriented person which also plays a role in being a perfectionist as well. Overall, I'm a girl trying to achieve my goals, motivate others, and make a positive impact in the world.

What inspires you?

Seeing people that I look up to or respect advocating for things they care a lot about. Allen Iverson. The people I surround myself with. Music and stage design. Good storytelling. Textures, prints and patterns that you see throughout NYC whether it be on outfits people wear, billboards, buildings, etc.

Tell me something about yourself people don't know but should?

Growing up I was big into emo/punk/pop punk bands, which is a big influence in the music I listen to today.

What's a typical day like for you?

I work for a foster care organization in Brooklyn where I am a therapist for kids in foster care, so during the weekdays, I'm there 9-5. After work, I'm usually at home working on whatever else I have going on that week, watching reality TV, or playing basketball.

What's something you're currently looking forward to?

Going back to Pennsylvania to spend the holidays with my family.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

When people clap after the plane lands and also lateness.

Do you have any big 2020 plans?

Jumping into the world of private practice as a therapist! I've been planning for quite some time and 2020 will be the year that I start down this path of my mental health career.

Ruby Sejour

Who is Ruby Sejour?

I’m still very much figuring it all out. In my heart I’m a creative & an artist & I love to love people. On the outside I’m a very mild-mannered borderline timid person. I’m in my head a lot but I love it, It helps me to see things from different challenging perspectives that aren’t always comfortable for me.

Tell me something about yourself people dont know but should?

Most people don’t know that I’m active musician. It was my first love, hobby, & first thing I was naturally good at. I played all brass instruments from the age of 8 & still even now for the most part I play weekly. There was a point in time a few years ago where I fell off, mainly because I was young & undisciplined but I’m making my way back now. Realizing daily that anything that has been learned in & through practice is never actually lost.

If you could give any piece of advice what would It be?

Maintain your integrity at all costs. If you have to cheat who you are to get it, your character won’t allow you to hold it.

What are a few things on your bucket list?

Travel. A lot of things on the bucket list life wise, marriage, fatherhood are things I look forward to generally in life.. But the most prominent right now is a trip to Africa, been wanting to visit Ethiopia for the longest.

How do you relax?

I love to get away from the city & spend time in my head. Praying meditating & sorting things out. I know that doesn’t sound typical but I really believe peace & relaxation comes from the inside out. Sun & beach isn’t going to help you much if you’re not at peace on the inside.

Nick Fulcher

Who is Nicholas Fulcher?

Hmm. Nicholas Fulcher aka NickyChulo is a creative, an explorer, and a friend. He's also a gemini so take that as you will.

Tell me something about yourself people don't know but should?

I'm very nice and respectful, but I'm also not for the play play. Respect my time and space!

Introvert or Extrovert?

Both without a doubt. Introvert when I work. Extrovert when I'm out and about, pitching a concept, or participating in speaking engagements.

Tell me about your favorite creative project?

My favorites always change, but I would have to say working with Sebastian Mikael has been my favorite. Main reason is because he came to work on his single/album covers with me. We argued, experimented, he painted, I scanned things, it was a magical collaboration that I'll never forget.

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